BS ISO 14001

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Technical and technological solutions to improve vacuum transportation system for copper powder pulp

Godina: 2011
Investitor: Pometon-TIR
Status: Završen

In the production of copper powder by electrolysis, one of the technological operations is vacuum extraction of copper powder and transport from cells to the centrifuge.
Extraction of copper powder from the cells is performed by a vacuum system with two vacuum pumps and auxiliary equipment.
For normal operation of vacuum pumps, it is necessary to cool them. As the refrigerant industrial water is used, system pressure is approximately 1 bar and water is drained in to waste water channel.
This mode cause a frequent breakdowns on pumps and the relatively high water consumption, which ranged within the limits of 65-72m3/day per pump and also resulted in the water consumption of approximately 72m3/day, respectively oko1950-2160 m3/month.
For these reasons, we started with a detailed analysis of the system to improve vacuum in order to protect the pump from frequent breakdowns and to decrease extremely high water consumption, which is extremely important as the norm in the process of production of copper powder.
The proposed technical solution demonstrates that it is possible, with maximum use of pumps within manufacturer’s instructions.
After the installation and commissioning of an improved vacuum system, water consumption ranges from 12 to 15m 3 per day.