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RDS Group Limited acquired the assets of RGP Vrdnik

After negotiations that lasted more than six months RDS Group Ltd has successfully completed a business takeover of capital project and the entire mining property AD RGP "VRDNIK" Vrdnik.

AD RGP "VRDNIK" Vrdnik from the historical heritage, equity and total assets of the former coal mine Vrdnik and AD RGP "VRDNIK" established on the foundations of the old mine transferred to the new legal entity “Rudarska mehanizacija“ Ltd, by the agreement RDS group Ltd acquired shares in the initial amount of 100%.

By takeover of:

1. The total available equipment:
A. Equipment for the production of vertical space,
B. Equipment for horizontal and inclined room and
C. Other equipment.
2. Immovable property in the Old Colony and in Vrdnik,
3. Full staff of technical service, maintenance and security.

RDS Group Ltd. as a full-fledged successor of more than 200 years old tradition, their historical predecessors, continues with even more technical and human resources work in the mining sector in which has so far dealt with by both parties.

Business project of taking the capital and assets AD RGP "VRDNIK" Vrdnik today puts RDS Group Ltd. in a dominant position in its core market, not only in our country but also in the region. The best proofs are signed preliminary contracts and agreements in R. Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro.