BS ISO 14001


RdS Group Ltd employs expert staff from various different areas. RdS Group engineers have the licenses from Serbian Chamber of Engineers for designing and construction works. RdS Group also owns P040M3 license issued by the Ministry. Also, RdS Group has a significant number of technicians and qualified workers for different activities at its disposal.


The Management is represented by the organized TEAM of top experts that use their knowledge, experience and references in the field of design, engineering and production, primarily in mining, to dominantly cover the market in Serbia, but also to successfully compete abroad.

Mladen Popović, M Sc mining eng. – General Manager and owner

An experienced expert, one of few experts in Serbia who worked in many mines in the country and abroad (he was a technical director in coal mine and mine of metallic raw material). He has all working licenses in:
- Design and engineering on deep exploration drilling,
- Design and engineering in coal mines,
- Design and engineering in coal mines with methane regime,
- Design and engineering in metal raw material mines
Based on this, Mladen Popović is an author of many studies and main mine projects through which the investments of many hundred million EUR were realized. It must be emphasized that he is the only Serbian citizen on the list of Lloyd’s Experts in the field of mining.

Dragan Bojović, M Sc mining eng. – Technical Director

An engineer with vast experience who is behind all production successes in mining in Bor, such as copper open pit Bor, Veliki Krivelj, Cerovo, Krecana Zagradje, quartz quarry D.B. Reka, Bor mine, as well as creation of significant number of projects. More than 30 years of work and experience in RTB Bor, from trainee to director of the mine are a testimony that he is an expert that can give a great contribution to the further development of RdS Group Ltd.

Dr Milenko Savić, M Sc mining eng. – Manager of Surface Exploitation Team

He is certainly the top expert in surface exploitation in Serbia today and he is also renowned for his work abroad. During his professional career he managed or took part in realization of about 50 projects, different exploration and development studies, investment programs, main and supplemental mine projects, mostly regarding copper, nickel and non-metal mineral raw material. As an independent designer he was the author of projects in RTB Bor and Majdanpek, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Iran etc. Between 1987 and 1990 he was on the list of UN experts (UN-Department of Technical Cooperation for Development).

Mr Dragan Nenadić, M Sc mining eng. – Manager of Underground Exploitation Team

Long time professional career in RTB, from worker in direct production to top manager and designer to and contributed in large part to development of underground exploitation in Bor. Many realized projects and works speak volumes about him. He is an expert of rock mechanics.

Bjelogrlić Krsto, M Sc mechanical eng. – Manager of Mechanical Engineering Team

An engineer with huge experience that stands behind all significant projects in Bor and Majdanpek, HOLCIM, US Steel in Smederevo, France etc.

Dr Petko Kovačević, M Sc mechanical eng. – Project Designer in Mechanical Engineering

Expert in the field of hydro transportation of solids in a liquid carrier stream. He designed systems for capacities of several million tons per year. So far, many projects and revisions from that field were done.

Stangačilović Vasa, M Sc metallurgist. – Manager of Metallurgy Team

The only expert in Bor who was, besides electrolysis, actively involved in production of copper powder. The author of the projects by which are constructed facilities in the country and abroad (Iraq etc.) He is currently working on the project with Italian POMETON SPA where he should be involved on work of construction of facility for production of copper powder.

Arsenijević Ljubiša, B Sc electrical eng. – Manager of Electric Engineering Team

An engineer with huge experience in designing of electrical projects. He took part in designing and construction of mining and metallurgy facilities within RTB Bor. During his career he took part and managed the creation of Main Mining Project for Copper Mine in Burma, design of technical documentation and reconstruction in US Steel in Smederevo, HOLCIM in Novi Popovac and Majdanpek.

Popović Kata, M Sc mining eng. – Manager of QMS Team

Besides the quality system that was implemented in all activities of the company, she introduced the integrated management system that already gave first results. The introduction of ISO standard for environment protection and safety and health (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) introduced new quality in our work today and it would become even more significant in the future. One of the few Serbian specialists in the field of mine ventilation. She has all licenses in:
- Design and engineering in coal mines,
- Design and engineering in coal mines with methane regime

Aleksić Miodrag, M Sc OH&S - Manager of occupational health and safety team

An engineer with vast experience in occupational health and safety, protection from fire and ecology. He got his experience at work in Bor and Veliki Krivelj flotations, The Institute for Mining and Metallurgy Bor, FBC Majdanpek. For more than 30 years of work as manager of occupational health and safety, ZOP, equipment and devices review, working environment and creation of project for fire protection. He has all necessary licenses for such work and he is a permanent court expert for the field of OH&S.


1. Popović Mladen, dipl.ing.rud.
2. Prof Dr Milenko Savić, dipl.ing.rud.
3. Mr Dragan Nenadić, dipl.ing.rud.
4. Dragan Bojović, dipl.ing.rud.
5. Aćić Rajko, dipl.ing.rud.
6. Pajkić Željko, dipl.ing.rud.
7. Hočevar Biljana, dipl.ing.geol.
8. Janković Vladan, dipl.ing.geol.
9. Ignjatović Prvan, dipl.ing.geol.
10. Mr Aleksandar Nikolić, dipl.arh.
11. Jovanović Dragoslav, dipl.ing.građ.
12. Božinović Bratislav, dipl.ing.građ.
13. Nikolić Dragan, dipl.ing.građ.
14. Prof dr Petko Kovačević, dipl.maš.ing.
15. Bjelogrlić Krsto, dipl.maš.ing.
16. Ležaić Mirko, dipl.maš.ing.
17. Đorić Stanoje, maš.ing.
18. Arsenijević Ljubiša, dipl.el.ing.
19. Božinović Srđan, dipl.el.ing.
20. Marković Saša, dipl.el.ing.
21. Nikolić Gordana, dipl.el.ing.
22. Stangačilović Vasa,dipl.ing.met.
23. Marković Petar,dipl.ing.met.
24. Popović Kata, dipl.ing.rud.
25. Aleksić Miodrag, dipl.ing.znr
26. Ninoslav Cvetanović, dipl.ecc.
27. Mr Ranko Nikolić, dipl.ecc.