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RdS Group Ltd Bor has emerged from one of the largest copper and gold mines in the southeast Europe, Bor Mines, currently known as The Institute for Copper, Bor.

Bor, and the surrounding areas, have a rich and long history of mining that according to some sources reachs as far back as 5 centuries. Modern geological explorations of copper ores in Bor started in 1897 and at that time encompassed the area of Red Mountain (Tilva Ros in local Vlach dialect). During these initial stages, Felix Hoffman spearheaded the scientific aspects of the explorations, Franjo Sistek took the role of the lead engineer, and Georg Weifert was the main investor.

In 1904, with the help of French investors, Georg Weifert founded the “French association of Bor mines, Saint George branch”. After WWII, the French investors left the area and the mines transitioned to government ownership. What follows is a period of significant investment and development in the mines and the necessary infrastructure for copper mining and extraction.

Towards the end of 1962, a decision was made to establish an institute that will fulfill all the research and project needs in mining area. The Institute for Copper consists of departments for mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical technology, and a chemical laboratory. A concerted effort was made to hire experts, obtain the necessary research equipment, and to register the Institute as a scientific and research institution. As such it started a rich collaboration with the Mining and Metallurgy departments at Belgrade University. In the late 90’s, during a period of economic transition in Serbia, some of the leading experts that were trained and worked at the Institute migrated towards starting smaller, privately owned companies that would offer the greater flexibility that was much needed in the changing market. This was the beginning of the RdS Group.

RdS Group was founded in 2005 as a design, engineering, and mining company and emerged as the result of the demand for a professional team of experts with the RdS Group’s unique competence and capabilities. The RdS Group is comprised of a professional team who came together at a transition point, at the crossroads of developing their careers, committed to preserving the values and capabilities that were developed in RTB Bor, and in professional and scientific institutions in Bor over decades. Most of the experts had established careers and more than 30 years of experience in their fields of expertise. Very quickly, due to their professional approach and demonstrated capability to find solutions to fit the needs and desires of its customers and clients, the company grew into a business that is now successfully competing with the market’s leading companies in related industries.