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RdS Group Limited is engaged in design, engineering, construction, mining, mine management and operation, research and development in the field of geology, mining, metallurgy, ecology, civil engineering, inorganic technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture and many related fields. In 2008, RdS Group Ltd formed a consortium with the Polish company ALPEX PBG from Bytom, a notable organization in the field of mining, and mine operations, with previous experience in Serbia and Montenegro.

The formation of this Consortium helped propell RdS Group Ltd to the top of the market mining projects in Serbia and the surrounding region.

RdS Group Ltd has also recently acquired a 100% share in AD RGP "VRDNIK" Vrdnik, thus taking over the historical heritage, equity and total assets of the former coal mine.

Assimilating the capital and assets of AD RGP "VRDNIK" Vrdnik puts RdS Group Ltd., including RdS RGP Vrdnik, in a dominant position in its core market - not only in our country but also in the region. The proof of this capability is signed contracts and agreements in R. Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and others in the advanced stages of negotiations. Also, RdS Group Ltd includes specialized companies listed below:

RdS coop doo, Banja Luka - mining and construction works,

RdS exp doo, Beograd - production, use and trade rights for explosives

GEO inject doo, Beograd - special geotechnical works